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Workplace Safety and Health Policy

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

Miracle Painting Services have stopped work for a few months due to Covid19 Circuit Breaker. We are now applying to resume work for existing projects that are left incomplete due to circuit breaker.

We've taken this time to work on our Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Policy. We've also completed the online bizSAFE 1 program. Here's our WSH policy.

WSH Policy

Miracle Painting Services is a painting service provider and painting contractor company in Singapore. We take pride in providing the highest value and quality to our customers while maintaining the best interests of our employees and stakeholders.

Miracle painting services is committed in providing a safe and healthy working environment for every employee, contractor, suppliers, customers and visitors to the workplace.

We are committed to prevent any injuries and ill-health and seek continuous improvement through the following strategies:

  • Engaging stakeholders by instilling ownership in the policy through communication, consultation and constant engagements

  • Ensuring WSH responsibilities are clearly defined, delegated and communicated to all levels within the organisation

  • Building strong WSH competencies of staff through training and education

  • Eliminating risks, preventing accidents and any near-misses where possible

  • Mitigating risks through risk assessment and take reasonably practicable measures constantly

  • Eliminate terror threats to our staff and the public by ensuring control measures are in place

  • Providing instructions, training and supervision to improve individual’s understanding of workplace hazards, including safe work practices and emergency procedures

  • We work with all stake holders to embrace the SGSecure movement

  • Reduction of frequency of occurrence of WSH incidents

  • Reviewing and improving WSH performance on regular basis

  • Continually improve business models, WSH considerations and initiatives and achieve greater effectiveness and sustainability for the near future.

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