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Who are the major paint manufacturer or provider in Singapore?

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

In Singapore, there are a wide variety of paint brands to choose from, and many offers very competitive pricing for quality paint. Paint manufacturer will generally offer different range of paint to suit their customers need. Such as budget friendly paint series, eco-friendly paint, odourless paint, long lasting paint, weatherproof paint and a lot more options to choose from. There are a variety of shades and colours, with more than thousands of different pantones for you to choose from. There are paint that finished with a shine, and there is also matt finishing.

To share some insights from our painting experience, here are 3 reliable paint brands that are safe and affordable for all budget.

Nippon Paint

In Singapore, the most common paint brand that comes to Singaporean mind is Nippon Paint. Nippon have been around since 1881. Established in Tokyo by Mr. Moteki Jujiro, Nippon Paint is now the largest paint manufacturer in Asia. Nippon Paint took its first step toward globalization when it set up a joint venture in Singapore in 1962 and NIPSEA Group was formed.

As consumers, often remember the sumo wrestler advertisement of Nippon paint. Nippon paint have cleverly used trendy and unique advertising to promote their paint in Singapore. Their paint is eco-friendly, cost effective and long lasting. Nippon is a leading Paint Brands that is largely used by the expert professional painters and DIY household. To share a little more, Nippon Paint also manufactures paints for automotive and industrial use.

Nippon paint offers an excellent collection of paint colours and types of paint. From cost effective Matex paint to strong and weather resistant Weatherbond paint. Their paint selection includes primer, wood paint, exterior paint, undercoat, topcoat, and painting tools. If you do not know what brand to choose, Nippon is almost always the right choice.

Dulux Paint (also known as ICI Paint / ICI Dulux)

Another famous household brand is ICI Dulux. Dulux is owned by the world’s leading coatings manufacturer AkzoNobel and is known for its premium quality and wide range of beautiful shades. Their colour chart has thousands of shades, and interior designers love their wide selection of colour choice.

Many clients use Dulux and ICI interchangeably, or use the 2 names together. In 2007, Dutch chemical group Akzo Nobel acquired ICI paint (Imperial Chemical Industries Plc) to create the world’s biggest paint maker. Fun fact, this acquisition is worth 8 billion pound and by buying ICI, Akzo would strengthen its leading position in the world's $85 billion-a-year coatings industry, giving it a market share of about 15% and increasing its exposure in North America and emerging markets, as well as in decorative coatings.

While Nippon uses Sumo for their advertisement, Dulux uses the Old English as their brand mascot. The Dulux dog was first introduced in advertising campaigns in 1961. Since then they have been a constant and highly popular feature of Dulux television and print adverts wherever the paint is sold. In some countries, people refer to the sheepdog breed as a 'Dulux dog'.

Dulux have been the household brand in Singapore for over 70 years. Dulux manufactures paints with matte look as well as enamels. The company follows the rules that help manufacture the least toxic paints during use of which the painter does not get harmed due to abundance of toxins to harm human health.

Berger Paint

Berger paints has been around since 1760, where a young and enterprising German chemist, Lewis Berger had his breakthrough. They are one of the few paint companies that have manufacturing facility in Singapore. used to have more presence in the consumer market in Singapore. Right now, I think they are more focused on commercial clients.

Sometimes when we looked at HDB building repainting projects, we often see that the main contractor is Berger paint. While Berger is less well known in the consumer market, they are a global company with presence all around Asia Pacific. Their product ranges from architecture coating, protective coating to marine coating.

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