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Things to look out for when renovating and painting your home

With so many renovation options and painting packages in the market, one will wonder if they should engage a renovation company or they should get their own contractor and manage the project on their own. Well, it all really depends on the resources you have, the time and budget that you have.

Miracle Painting Services offer a wide selection of painting package in Singapore. However when it comes to choosing a painting package that will work for you, we are here to help provide you advise to make the right choice.

Here we summed up a few things to look out for when deciding on the right renovation or painting package for your home.

Know Your Budget (& Design)

Knowing your spending limit is very importation when planning your home renovation, home touch up, and painting request. When you have your budget in mind, it will help you save time and effort in decision making during your renovation journey.

For existing home owners, it is always easier to plan for additional upgrade, or start doing a smaller part of your home first. Or to start with painting your home first or doing up your kitchen first, then do the rest of the house. This will allow you time to breath and spread your cost over a longer period.

If you really need to redo your whole house renovation at once, you may look into financial options to help you get your dream home while managing payment.

Getting the Right Package for Your Home

Each home is different.It is always good to look at the renovation package offered and make sure the work is stated clearly in the package. For painting package, we will always state what is included, such as sealer / sealant, painting of doors and door frames, painting of pipes etc.

The renovation work and painting work required for new home and resale home is very different. And if you are demolishing and hacking, plastering may be required to smooth the walls. These details need to be discussed before starting of work.

Keeping Costs Low

You can keep the cost of renovation low by focusing on selected area to renovate and painting the whole house with different colours, doing mix and match with unique furniture and art pieces. So instead of spending all your money on carpentry, you can strategically pick smaller area to work on. By focusing on selected area, you can have a painted feature wall or a nicely textured wall painting.

Sometimes, a new coat of paint and a new set of furniture may give your house a nice fresh look without burning your budget.

feature wall, home painting
Grey painted feature wall. This is one of the trending colours by home owner for their home painting.s

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