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COVID-19 and why Nippon Paint launch the New VirusGuard+

Weathering the industry for so many years, Miracle Painting Services and our painters have seen many ups and downs in the market. This year, due to COVID-19, the construction industry in Singapore is hit badly.

Pandemic is this generation

On 11 Mar 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared COVID-19 a pandemic, pointing to the over 118,000 cases of the coronavirus illness in over 110 countries and territories around the world and the sustained risk of further global spread. Singapore’s COVID-19 cases are also increasing and at the point where this article is written, we now have a national tally to 41,473.

Singapore went into a Circuit breaker, to tackle the spread of COVID-19 in our community. This have affected our work, leaving us with projects that cannot be completed on time. Many of us in the renovation line are now learning how to deal with the new norm of applying permits etc to continue with our projects.

COVID-19 and the impact on Singapore construction industry

The foreign workers are badly affected, resulting in pausing of construction work and renovation work. While Miracle Painting Services uses Singaporean painters, there are many companies out there that are finding it hard to restart their business.

Health and hygiene is now top priority for everyone. When we are going out, all of us must wear a mask. This also applies to painters, electricians, and construction workers who are at work. This is to ensure the safety of everyone. Now, we sanitise our hands and wash our hands more frequently than ever.

Nippon's solution to the Post pandemic world

With all this being a new norm for the “post pandemic world”, property and building owners are finding ways to better protect their stakeholders. Nippon paint have also stepped up their game and launch Singapore’s first Advanced Antimicrobial Interior Paint, the Nippon VirusGuard+.

As a professional painter, let me share the knowledge I have on Nippon VirisGuard+ and I'd also like to take this chance to share the top 3 popular Nippon paint choices that our clients use for their home and property painting.

Singapore's first Anti Viral Paint

Nippon VirusGuard+

VIRUSGUARD+ is an innovative interior paint that specially formulated with Corning Guardiant™ Technology. It provides antibacterial property and is tested to be effective against human Coronavirus.

It reduces the risk of pathogenic viruses and bacterial infections, providing you and your family with healthy and safe home surroundings.

This paint is developed to give a classic matt finish and is a specially formulated with 23 colours that are specially curated by Nippon. Check out colour chart here.

How It Works

1. The wall is painted with Nippon Paint VirusGuard+ with encapsulated copper ions.

2. When the virus comes in contact with wall, the encapsulated copper ions will be activated

3. The copper ions will work to destroy the capsid protein layer and fragment the genetic material in virus and mitigate the virus multiplication.

We think that this paint is really worth it for people who want to get additional or extra protection for their loves ones and don't mind spending a premium on paint. In short, this is the paint to go for if hygiene is a high priority.

So a part from the newly launch VirusGuard+, what are the top 3 paint types from Nippon Paint that are frequently used by our clients?

1. Nippon Vinilex 5000 series

The best value choice that delivers a beautiful smooth matt finish. Nippon Vinilex 5000 series is a premium grade low odour emulsion paint, that comes with over 1000 colours. It is developed to last and give good coverage.

Home owners and Interior designers both love this paint series. Here's the colour chart for you to take a look at the wide variety of colour option.

2. Nippon Matex

An economical choice with Anti-fungus and anti-algae properties, Nippon Matex is a multi-purpose acrylic copolymer emulsion that is specially formulated for good coverage and hiding power and provides a smooth matt finish for interior walls.

Many clients who are returning their leased apartment or room back to the and landlord uses this paint to touch up the property before returning it. Property owners who want to touch up their property before reselling it or before leasing the property out, will also use this paint for touch up. This is a cost effective way to elevate the property and make it look new and pristine.

A little bit of downside when it comes to colour choice, it does not have as many options as the Vinilex series. You can check out the colour options here.

3. Nippon Easy Wash

A Premium washable paint that is specially formulated for ultimate wash-ability and resistance to common household stains. Our clients tend to use this paint for the area with high human traffic such as hallways and living areas.

For those who likes an elegant soft sheen finish, this is the paint to go for. It is also environmentally friendly and certified under the Singapore Green Building Product Certification Scheme. The range of colours are equally wide as compared with Vinilex Series.

Do reach out if you have any question. Miracle Painting Services is always at your service. We will do our best to help you find the best paint option for your property. Apart from Nippon Paint, we also provide ICI Dulux paint, Raffles paint and Berger paint. Cheers and stay safe.

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