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5 Trade Secrets about House Painting for Homeowners

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

Bedroom with blue painting, sky blue colour
Blue room painting

As we march into 2020, many people are looking for ways to decorate their home, refreshing their home with a fresh look, or even generation more value out of their property. Well, one of the most cost-effective ways is to repaint your house. Let me share with you 5 trade secrets about house painting. You can be sure that you will benefit from this trade secrets.

1. House painting is the simplest way to raise property value

There are many wise property owners that paint their house regularly so that they can fetch higher rental value, and also sell their property at a higher rate. Imagine how you will feel when you enter a house that is freshly painted vs a house that have not been painted for the past 10 years. You can see the difference immediately. A new coat of paint is all it takes to make a 15-year-old condo look like brand new.

When trying to find a tenant, or a buying for your property, it’s almost always worth it to get a new paint job done. If you’re wondering about price, a 4 Room HDB painting can cost from about $600 to about $1,500, depending on the complexity of the work required. A 3-room condo will cost from about $800 onwards, depending on the type of work required. This is the cheapest and most cost-effective way of renovation you can do. The painting cost will defiantly be outweighed by the profit you will make from rental or sale of your property.

2. The type of paint matters

There are different paint for different purpose. Some paint comes with matt finish while some comes with glossy finish. It is always good to seek advice from your painter. For example, Nippon Matex and Vinilex paint comes with a matt finish while Easy wash paint comes with a glossy finish. The difference may not be strikingly obvious but when painted over a large surface area, you will notice or feel the difference.

Outdoor paints are meant to be weather resistant, tougher and last longer despite rain and hot sun shine. The paint are made with different chemical that contain mould resistance substances.

3. Dark colours are the colour most likely to go wrong

Painting of darker colours require skills and patient. It is often more expensive if you paint a dark colour. The reason is because it is hard to get the colour onto the walls. To avoid it turning into a disaster, experienced painter will take time to paint multiple layers so that the colour will even out. If you are taking a risk with inexperienced contractors or workers, try not avoid dark colours.

4. White white on untextured surfaces creates a stark environment

Many people want to paint them home white and most want it stark white. Fact is, a plain white room creates a very sharp look and makes the whole place looks like a chimerical lab, clinic or intensive care unit. If you want the clean scandiavian look, the white is actually a off white patone rather than white itself. An off-white tone creates a softer look and makes the place looks more natural.

If you really want a stark white room, the trick is to complement the room by adding something warm. You may add absence of wood, or adding texture or have a feature wall of a different shade. This will make your room more comfortable and less still.

5. Room lighting actually affects the end result

The paint colour that you see from the colour chart or catalogue will come out a bit different because of the room’s lighting. For example, a shade of white that seemed sharp may turn out to be quite soft if you’re staring the white with soft warm lighting. Consider altering the shade based on the room’s lighting. If you are going for warm lighting, take note that the colour turn out more warm visually when your lights are on.

This is why getting a consultation with your painter is always a plus before you pick a colour. Miracle painting services offers free site visit and consultation for our customers. Just give us a call and we would do our best to help you. You don’t have to feel obligated. We enjoy meeting people and sharing our expertise. You can be share that you will get the most value out of our 37 years of painting experience. More about us here.

We are contactable at 90171733.

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